Read, Learn, Save

At DTE, we strive to do what’s right for our customers, communities and stakeholders, not necessarily what’s easy. Energy efficiency programs provide access to products and services as well as simple changes we can all make to reduce costs and use. Learn more about our programs, ways to save and our commitment to the communities we serve.

Annual Report

Annual report highlights the results of DTE Energy’s Energy Efficiency Portfolio and summarizes changes and achievements of the portfolio’s programs.

The Energy Efficiency Portfolio comprises many specific programs within the Residential, Commercial and Industrial, Education and Awareness and Pilot program.

Geographical Focus

Research to inform the prioritization of certain census tracts or neighborhoods for Energy Efficiency assistance and a plan for increasing participation in these areas.

Healthy Building Materials

Report of insulation and air sealant materials used in Energy Efficiency Assistance, Income Qualified Multifamily, and Audit & Weatherization programs.